Wednesday Drawing Workshop



We have started drawing workshops on Wednesdays and Fridays.  For the first workshop we asked the students to tear up a sheet of paper into four smaller pages.  We had a variety of materials to hand and asked them to use whichever they preferred.  We had set up a simple still life in the centre of the room.  When they had finished we had a brief chat about each drawing and then got down to the exercises. The first exercise was the pointillist technique, to draw using only dots with a pencil.  The results were rather beautiful, delicate drawings with a feeling of space. The second exercise was cross-hatching but using the left hand. We had some interesting results and the talk afterwards was good and their drawings were looser and more energetic. The third exercise was to darken the paper with charcoal and to draw by rubbing out.  They are a wonderful group to work with and it felt that the workshop opened up ideas about drawing. MAM


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