Colour Continued

At the end of the last workshop we discussed what we had been doing and decided that doing abstract colour studies was very hard. Wong Cheuk Man said “Hong Kong students find this kind of freedom difficult” and my answer was that freedom is difficult, in painting as in everything else.  We decided to concentrate on the figure for this session and we started off with a longish pose.  Unfortunately for them I was the model as we wanted everyone to have as much time painting as possible. They were limited to one colour in paint and one oil pastel.  Other than that they could choose whichever tools they wanted and coloured paper as well.  We then did a series of quick poses and studies to loosen up again and at the end of the day finished by continuing with the first longer painting.  Everyone worked extremely hard.  It was a very rigorous workshop and, considering they are midway through exams, their levels of concentration and commitment were fantastic.  We gave ourselves a round of applause at the end for sheer hard work and commitment. MAM


One thought on “Colour Continued

  1. Hello Grace..well I had a whsistle stop tour through your blogs…aw id like to be there now…suprise you as I did in Turkey..but im so glad it is going well for you both great acheivement love you juliex

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