Beijing Here We Come

We are off to Beijing and Shanghai for ten days from Thursday so all will go quiet till we return ………….


5 thoughts on “Beijing Here We Come

  1. exciting, interesting, innovative and fun. I want to join in with
    the students. Art should be fun, life should be fun and we all
    remember we are human.

  2. Great work. All so original, individual and art!! They and you must have worked really hard and well. Enriching for all, the students yourselves and spectators/viewers. Hope it doesn’t stop with this once. really inspired idea and sposoring.

  3. Thanks very much for these generous comments – we will let everyone involved know. The students have worked really, really hard and we think the results speak for themselves!

  4. hello, just catching up quickly. Mum keeps asking me where you are etc. Can you give her a ring when you get back from china. Hope you are having a fabberoony time

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