DEPTFORD QUATRAINS Samuel Pepys 16th August 1664

From his diary dated 16th August 1664. S0unds like they had a crap summer too.

16. Wakened about 2-a-clock this morning with the noise of Thunder, which lasted for an hour; with such continued Lightenings, not flashes but flames, that all the sky and ayre was light; and that for a great while, not a minute’s space between new flames all the time; such a thing as I never did see, nor could have believed had ever been in nature. And being put into a great sweat with it, could not sleep till all was over – and that accompanied with such a storm of rains as I never heard in my life. I expected to find my house in the morning overflowed with the rain breaking in, and that much hurt must needs have been done in the City with this lightening; but I find not one drop of rain in my house, nor any news of hurt done. But it seems it hath been here and all up and down the countries hereabouts, the like tempest – Sir W. Batten saying much of the greatness thereof at Epsum.


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