I have been at the Creek for about a month now. It is not possible to spend time there without realising that the one thing that overshadows everything that is interesting about working there is the wanton and total destruction of a unique and irreplaceable wildlife habitat and the annihilation of ancient and historic structures. Lip service is paid by construction companies and local government but the pictures speak for themselves. During their time there the Creeksiders have seen vast swathes of wildlife cut down and destroyed. It is still going on. Is this what we want for our cities? Do we want yet more chi-chi flats on the river front? Are we a democratic society? Why should only those who can afford it have access to the river? We all need a meaningful relationship with the environment and natural life around us; wild spaces, not more shopping centres and tourist traps. Historically, Londoners have always had a river life, now we seem to be cut off from it, unless we can afford a designer flat, or actively seek out one of the free spaces still left. It is vital we start listening to the conservationists and stop listening to the money men.

See also DEPTFORD QUATRAINS Walk Two: Secret Deptford
In Archive dated 19 July


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