Creekside, Tuesday 2nd February 2010

The Temperature: 8 degrees C

The Tides:

03.27 am – 7.4 m
10.24 am – 0.0 m
15.57 pm – 7.6 m
22.24 pm – 0.6 m

The Phase of the Moon:

Waning Gibbous 81% of Full

The snow had melted and everything seemed very, very brown. The tide was the lowest I have seen so far, adding to the feeling of murk. Murky but noisier. There were many more signs of life amongst the birds. I could actually hear birdsong in the lulls between trains, ambient industrial background noise etc.; and the pigeons, who seem to live in a pigeon equivalent of a chic apartment block in the ruins of the railway crane, were very lively, with much coming and going. I put some waders on and spent about an hour and a half just pottering up and down. It was windy and there was a shower of rain. The current was flowing quite fast though the Creek was so shallow and made a cheerful sound in what was a grey and very muddy day. It felt cold although the thermometer read 8 degrees.

After the hush of the snow the Creek seems to be waking up.


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