Creekside, Tuesday 9th February

The Tides:

02.43 am – 1.8m
09.39 am – 5.7m
15.46 pm  – 1.8 m
22.12 pm – 5.7 m

The Phase of the Moon:

Waning Crescent 15% of Full

The tide was high and it was cold again, with a smell of woodsmoke in the air. Cloudy with fitful winter sunshine. The waters of the Creek were gently ruffled by the breeze and a grey wagtail skimmed the surface really close to where I was sitting. The light seemed to be tinged with red, maybe as a result of the plants greening up; during the snow there was a haze of golden violet. You can almost feel the plants struggling to wake up after the winter and the pigeons are getting thoroughly over-excited. After the quiet of the Sunday walk I was suddenly aware of how much industrial noise there is during the week.


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