Snowdrop by Ted Hughes in Spanish


Noticed he/she had had a look at my Ted Hughes post and lo! there is a Spanish translation on Jordi’s (whoever he or she may be) blog:

Ahora que el globo se ha encogido hasta ceñirse
al lento corazón del roedor que hiberna,
cuervo y comadreja, como fraguados en metal,
vagan por las tinieblas exteriores
con el juicio perdido,
entre las demás muertes. También ella
persigue su propósito,
brutal como los astros de este mes,
su pálida cabeza pesada como acero.

I am quite excited by this as I once stumbled across a line of Spanish poetry:

In order for sadness to sing, it must drink black water

which sent shivers down my spine and was the inspiration for some watery lithographs which are very relevant to the work I am doing now.  It is by someone called Jose Rodriguez.


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