Feast Days

I have been looking up medieval feast days.  This website gives you a saint for every day – http://www.themcs.org

The Hermit’s is July 22nd – St Mary Magdalene. the world’s most boring saint.

Here are June’s:

1 June – St Justin (d. 167), St Wistan of England (d. 850), St Ronan of Cornwall, England, St Candida
2 June – St Erasmus (d. ca. 300)
3 June – St Clotildis (d. 545)
4 June – St Optatus (4th Century), St Petroc of Padstow (6th Century), St Buriana of Buryan, St Breaca (Breque, Branca, Branka), of Cornwall, England (5th Century), St Walter of England (d. 1150)
5 June – St Boniface of Crediton (ca. 690-775)
6 June – St Norbert (1080-1134)
7 June – St Wulstan of Worcester, St Robert of Chichester, St Robert of Newminster, Northumberland, England (1100-1159), St Willibald of Wessex (d. 786)
8 June – St William (d. 1154), St Elphege, St Levan of Cornwall, England (6th Century), St Edgar the Peaceful of England (d. 975)
9 June – St Columba of Iona (521-597), St Ephraem of Syria (d. ca. 373), St Edmund of Canterbury
10 June –
11 June – St Barnabas the Apostle (1st Century)
12 June – St Basilidis
13 June – St Antony of Padua (1195-1231)
14 June – St Elgar of Bardsey, Wales (d. 1100)
15 June – St Vitus (4th Century), St Eadburga of Winchester (d. 960)
16 June – St Cyr of Quiricus (d. 304), St Julitta (d. 304)
17 June – St Botulf (d. 680), St Nectan (Nighton, Nectaran) of Hartland, Devon, England, St Briavel of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, St Adulf of England (d. 680), St Joseph of Arimathea (1st Century)
18 June – St Mark (Marci) and St Marcellian
19 June – St Juliana Falconieri (1270-1340), St Romuald of Ravenna (ca. 950-1027), Feast of the Holy Martyrs Gervase and Prothasius
20 June – St Alban (d. 304), St Edward
21 June – St Maine of Saint-Meon, Brittany, France, Midsummer’s Eve
22 June – St Paulinus of Nola (d. 431), St Alban
23 June – St Aetheldreda (Audry, Etheidreda, Ethelreda) of Ely (d. 678), St Bartholomew of Fame, Nortumbria, England (d. 1193)
24 June – St John the Baptist (d. ca. 30), St Germoc of Ireland (6th Century)
25 June – St William of Vercelli (1085-1142)
26 June – St Anthelm (1107-1178)
27 June – St Cyril of Alexandra (d. 444)
28 June – St Irenaeus of Lyons (d. 202), St Austell of St Newman, England (6th Century)
29 June – St Martha (1st Century), St Peter (d. ca. 64)
30 June – St Paul (1st Century), St Airick of England (12th Century)


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