Creekside, Tuesday 19th October

Winter has Officially Begun. Migrating Siberian Swans have been spotted on these shores a full month early (eeek!) which means we are in for it this winter apparently. It certainly felt wintry at the Creek this morning. The water was high and a glassy olive green. I took two films to show how the plants are literally submerged each tide and come bobbing up again, none the worse for wear.

From my vantage point perched high on the wall there were no signs of the swans or any other birds, not even the moorhens, except of course for the ubiquitous pigeons and even they were keeping a low profile.

It was cold and cloudy, with the sun hidden behind clouds. The water was still and smooth ruffled by only the occasional breeze.

The warmth of the sun felt like a true benediction; perhaps running away to Moscow is not such a good idea. For the first time in my life the thought of going somewhere warm for the winter suddenly really appeals.

Thermal longjohns this year methinks if last winter was anything to go by.


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