Creekside, Tuesday 16 November

A really stunning winter’s day with the remains of a frost on the grass. Some of the plants were still furred with a ruff of ice. The tide was going out and the water was very shallow when I arrived. The seagulls were out in force, making a terrible racket. A layer of leaves had washed down the Creek and lay on top of the mud, turning the water a golden green.

The green has all but disappeared from the surface of the mud, the algae has subsided back. Summer was all too brief this year.

The gulls were patrolling the Creek in a very territorial manner and the pigeons seemed very uncharacteristically subdued as a result. Noticed what cruel-looking hooked beaks some of the gulls have. It is easy to slip into anthropopmorphic mode with gulls at least. They really do look very arrogant (pale eyes?) and their markings make me think of some sort of fascist-type military uniform for some reason. I am sure they are charming creatures really.

The sky was a clear deep blue when I arrived but clouds soon gathered.


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