The Beanery Cafe, Loughborough Junction

The Hermit has finally come out of hibernation.  Had to meet someone at Loughborough Junction on this wet and dreary morning so was very pleased to find The Beanery – a new cafe which has opened by the station entrance.  Very cheering.  Had a lovely breakfast of milky coffee (from the Monmouth Street Coffee shop – taste the difference!) and delicious rye bread and jam (warmed in the oven so toasty on outside – real butter and Bonne Maman jam – and you can help yourself, how civilised).  One small detail; I had left all my money at home (yes, that old trick) but they could not have been nicer and said it was on the house.

So thank you for a warming and heartwarming breakfast Sabina, Coisa, Lucy, Vincente et al – and Good Luck hope it all goes well!

A bright spot on a dull morning.

2 thoughts on “The Beanery Cafe, Loughborough Junction

  1. Hello hermit. thank you so much for your comment. i guess it goes down as well as your toasty rye bread and jam, it is just a treat to read it! we have now set up a facebook site, just search for beanery and it should come up. we would like to keep you updated with the date or our launch party and other future events that we might hold such as poetry reading and live music sessions all held in a very small and intimate place with pizza

    the beanery xx

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