A Rural Idyll

The Hermit is off to a week’s residency at Little Dodnash Farm near Bentley in Suffolk to take part in A Rural Idyll.

Little Dodnash is a sheep farm in Constable Country near East Bergholt, where I will be staying, so I feel it will be a fascinating week for all sorts of reasons. I was very interested in taking part as there are the remains of a medieval priory on the land and a tributary of the River Wen runs through it – tying in to aspects of the work I have been making as a result of my time at Deptford Creek.

The residency is the brainchild of Ruth Richmond, the owner of the farm, and in Ruth’s own words:

We are looking for work made in response to or that is provoked by the space, location, aesthetics, communities or traditions of rural life. Through the work we hope to add to the debate about the relevance of contemporary art in rural life and offer a platform for rural life and its issues.

As part of Suffolk Open Studios the event will be assured inclusion in a distribution of 25,000 directories listing all the events and artists taking part.

We anticipate the private view to take place in the evening of June 4th 2011 and the exhibition will be open between 11-4pm Sunday 5th June and weekends 11/12 and 18/19 and 25/26.  There will also be viewing by appointment at other times throughout June.

I bought some wellies in Peckham today (green of course) and feel well prepared for country life!

I will be writing up my experiences on this diary as usual, either during the residency or on my return.

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