A Rural Idyll: Tuesday March 8th 2011

Transcribed from Notebook:

Warmth of the sun after a sharp overnight frost
Brilliant green grass
Personal histories interwoven with landscapes

Sat amongst the sheep.  The ewe called to the lambs who obediently came over to her.  Regeneration, life, death.  A lamb was taken by a fox last night.  No new lambs were born.

I watched the sun move across the landscape
After the war
Lives quietly playing out

I listened to the wind in the trees
Sheep language
Sun directly overhead
The distant buzz of farm machinery
A pair of ducks flying
A light aircraft
The deep brown earth bare
Leafless trees
Bare branches gilded with sunlight
Faint stirring of green
In the winter light a scum of waterlilies in the pond looking like polish-encrusted old silver
Songs from unknown birds
The tick-tock of horses hooves in the distance
Voices carrying in the landscape

Couldn’t help thinking of Peckham in the peace and quiet.  The noise, traffic, aggression and crowds.  The contrast between inner city poverty and what appears to be country affluence.

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