A Rural Idyll: Monday March 8th 2011… contd

Country life is HARD

Transcribed from my notebook:

The ancient land
Running water, insect noise
Low winter sun
Wood pigeon
Sheep grazing
Ducks on the old Priory pond
Lengthening shadows
Sun through the branches
Ruins, residue
Only a small chunk of stone wall remains of the Augustinian priory

History, the past. England: a foreign landscape?

Clear sky.  Triplet lambs born during the night.  Clumps of ivy in the bare branches of trees looking like inkblots.

Ruth’s parents came to the farm after spending WWII in the SOE.  Solace, peace and quiet.  Recent history/past history.  The baaing of sheep, more high pitched from the lambs.  London seems a world away.

Brilliant starlight on the way to the pub
A slender crescent moon lying on its back
Darkness envelops

My B&B landlady, Mrs Finch is a rose expert and recites Larkin.  She is old-school from Ireland and her house has the atmosphere of an Irish country house.  Indefinable but definitely not English.   Mrs Finch has been on Gardener’s Question Time and her garden lore is peppered with quotes from literature.  Wonderful.

Mrs Finch’s favourite roses:

Madame Hardy
Jacques Cartier
Comte de Chambord

Noonday sun

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