Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 10


minds with any notions or inclinations that are useless, or superfluous: & may therefore, justly command us to restrain our passions, when they take wrong Courses: because he hath prepared an infinite, & unlimited scope for them to exercise themselves in to advantage: & field-room enough for them without Check, or Control. [For such are the riches & joys of his Heav: Kingdom, & the inheritance of his Saints above at his right Hand, that they not only vastly exceed all that we have ever seen or heard; but all we can conceive, think or desire.  And he shall hath bestowed an understanding upon us, that we may know the worth of these things, & a Will, that we may be urged forward thereby to attain them; Love, to the Goodness of them; Hatred, to save us from the miseries that are contrary to them:  Appetite to grasp after their delights & pleasures: Anger to rouse us up to the resisting & overcoming all hardships & oppositions, which may stand in

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