Gilbert White Sermon: Page 11


our way to them;  Fear, to awaken & encrease our Diligence, & Care: Desire, that we may continually wish for & earnestly long after them;  Hope, to support & uphold us in our endeavours & labours after them; Aversion, that we may be less liable to temptations, & to be drawn aside out of the way; Courage to lead us on boldly to all the various duties, & achievements of our spiritual warfare; Joy to comfort & refresh us in all our good deeds,  & successes, & in the glorious prospect & final fruition of the Infinite reward that is set before us; And Sorrow, to chastise, & quicken us, & revenge our lesser & curable failures, & neglects: And lastly despair to torture & revenge our greater & incurable misdeeds, such failures as wholly separate us from our Happiness.  For even these two sharp & afflicting passions of Sorrow, & despair are useful too in their kind, to the procuring of our Bliss, by raising in us an abhorrence of falling under the pains & miseries of them.]


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