Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 12


Now these powers & inclinations of our Souls may indeed out-run their due bounds, & measures in their applying themselves to several of their smaller less, & inferior objects:  but as to their chief, & noblest, & therefore their most proper object, namely God, our greatest Good, & Supreme Happiness, there is not any danger of their exceeding in the pursuit of that;  For we can never too affectionately love, or too eagerly covet, or pursue our everlasting Bliss.  Let our Hope soar as high as it can, there is no fear in this Case, that it should make us ashamed; we being allowed & exorted to abound therein.
Neither can our Anger or Hatred be too fierce or violent against those enemies, or false friends, that would cheat, or rob our Souls of this unspeakable Good.  Again it is impossible we should ever Rejoice beyond measure in ye delights, & enjoyment of it.  Nor can our fears raise in us too dismal apprehensions of the terribleness of that state, which shall be deprived of it: nor our Sorrow be

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