Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 13


too deep & pungent for having run the hazard of forfeiting it:  nor any despair be two great for the utter loss of it.  But as to the things here below, which are not essential & natural to our eternal peace & happiness:  & have only a casual relation thereto: such as the favour of men, wrongs, affronts, successes & losses, strength, & beauty of body, health & sickness, memory & eloquence, & slowness of parts & speech, & the goods of Fortune, & poverty & want, & the like temporal & transient matters; … our affections may easily (if not duly regulated) transgress their due bounds towards them; & love & hate them too much; because their good or evil is but finite; whereas the good of our supreme bliss is altogether infinite. & so is the Evil of eternal Misery.  Now God having, over & above all these faculties & powers, furnished our Souls with Reason & Judgement to know all these things, & how necessary & useful every one of these affections are in their several

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