Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 14


ways, & places, to the attainment of our chief End, & happiness, how highly doth it concern us all to watch over our passions, & how strictly to keep them in their due Course, & order: that no mistake or error maybe committed whether in the objects of measure of our affections; that we may not only love & hate, desire & avoid the things which we ought; but also to such degrees & heights as are needful: that we may in due time, by the assistance of God’s Grace, become compleat, & perfect.  This being the way pointed out to us thereto by the word of God, & no other; it is certain that God will accept & reward every one of us according to the measure of our several affections; & that those who love & rejoice in God most, shall be most rejoiced in, & beloved by Him.
Let us beseech him, who alone can govern the unruly wills & affections of sinful men that by direction of his word, & spirit he will so help us in the disposing & ordering of our appetites & passions, that they may be faulty neither in the matter, nor manner & measure of their proceedings; but chuse & pursue their right objects & go on to perfection & the obtaining of eternal enjoyment of their chief Good namely

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