Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 3


their affections, or passions were not to be wholly stifled, or laid aside: but only to be moderated, or kept within their due bounds, & degrees. For tho’ this opinion of their’s be not altogether true; but stands in need of some amendment: yet it is nearer the truth than that of the others, which would make men perfect Stocks & stones, or else Gods; & consequently is utterly to be rejected.  The opinion of ye latter, which allows ye necessity & usefullness of the affections, & prescribes the restraint & moderation of them, in order to their becoming Instruments of Virtue, & Happiness, … wants only this correction, & improvement that they are to be used or applyed more or less according to the worth of the object about which they are employed: & cannot be too violent, or excessive, provided what they affect, or disaffect be unmeasureably good, or evil; & that where they are placed aright upon infinitely deserving objects, the cannot proceed too far, or rise too high.

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