Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 5


& impenitence:  which provoked his tender Spirit to inspeakable degrees of Sorrow, & afflictions & infinite strains of fear, & pity, upon the account of those intollerable miseries which he foresaw such mighty wickedness, & Ingratitude would drawn down on the Authors of them.  Thus (Mark 3:5.)  “He was moved with Anger, & grieved for the Hardness of their Hearts.”  And (John:  11:33.) “He groaned, in Spirit, & was troubled.”  Again, we read, that his zeal for the will of God, & Love of Righteousness was boundless, & immoderate; such as would suffer no limitation, nor restraint: for it is said of it, that it did “even eat him up” (John 2:17)  Like a masterless, raging flame, it consumed all that it met with: & was not to be abated, or extinguished by any obstruction, or Consideration whatsoever, not allowing him time for eating & drinking, & rest, without which Nature cannot long subsist.  It was so delightful to him, & he was so intent upon it, that it was instead of his meat & drink. So (John 4:34)


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