Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 7


necessary powers, & quickening Operations of our Souls without which they would be inactive, & listless.  They are the Gifts of God, assigned us for excellent purposes & very capable of producing them: & in short the best means, & readiest Instruments of Virtue, & Holiness that we can make use of; … provided we will but take care rightly to apply them.  Nay, such is the necessity of them & their usefulness is so great, & indispensible, that we cannot be saved without them: but if we will ever become partakers of the Salvation of God, it must be thro’ the abundance & improvement of our passions & affections; of our Hatred, & Fear, & Sorrow & Shame, & Love & Desire, & Hope, & Confidence, on their proper objects in their proper places; without which there can be no Repentance, no Piety, no Devotion, no Religion, — or at least none but a speculative one, which would consist barely in the acts of an unfruitful understanding, without transforming or renewing our will into the Image of God;


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