Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 8


or fashioning our minds, & executive powers into that which is good, & acceptable, & perfect.  Whereas God requires of us in his Word, not only that we should know, but also do his will: & that we should do it from ye Heart with a good will: & that we should be wholly sanctifyed in every faculty, & part of Us: & our whole Spirit; & Soul & Body be holy & blameless.
Thus much for the Doctrine which may be deduced from, & maintained by the text.  I shall now proceed to shew some uses, & advantages that may be drawn from what has been said.
And 1:st if our passions are natural, & framed & planted in us by our maker, we should not be so foolish & arrogant as to pretend to amend his works; & strive to root out that which our Heav:Father planted; & to undo that which he hath done, & to destroy what he hath established: which is what the Doctrine of the Stoics  vainly endeavours.  Certainly it will be to much better


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