Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 9


purposes to consider to what ends God hath given us our passions, & to make it our business to guide them thereto; & to labour to keep them so employed, as may best answer his wise Intentions, by loving & seeking, & rejoicing in what he hath made truly lovely, & delightful, as is all Virtue, & holiness: & hating & avoiding what he hath declared to be really odious, & abominable, as all Sin, & Wickedness is.  Did God indeed make us with passions, & yet without a Capacity of using them safely, & innocently: [as some unthrifty parents do by their Children, breeding them up to habits of ease, & pleasure without making any provision for their continuance in such Courses] [lightly struck out] we might justly think he had dealt hardly with us; & imagine that our affections were made, as St Peter says of some brute beasts, only to be subdued & destroyed.  But this is not the way of our gracious Father, to his Children; who has given us no power or faculty whatsoever in vain: not endued our

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