Linnean Gilbert White Sermon: Page 2


The Stoichs, one of the most considerable Sects of ye Philosophers, were of opinion, that our passions are only the diseases & infirmities of our minds; & that the most proper way is to do as we would with a mortified limb, to cut them off: & that man can never come to perfection; till they have wholly divested themselves of them, & disengaged themselves from their power. But this is sufficiently confused; in that the Spirit of God in the Scrip: sets forth our Bl: Saviour, (who, we all know, was ye wisest & best of all those that were born of a Woman, & never to have done anything amiss) not as void of passions; but to have been, in the several parts of his life, sorrowful, & compassionate, & angry, & loving & desirous & joyful: & under the same affections as other men feel, … sin only excepted.  And therefore the opinion of the Peripatetics (an other leading party of Philosophers) is much to be preferred before that just mentioned.  For they hold that


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