Transcribing Gilbert White at the Linnean Society (Continued)

I spent some time recently at the Linnean Society Library transcribing a previously unpublished sermon by Gilbert White .  I was also allowed to take photos of the original manuscript and the library building itself.

I would like to thank The Selborne Society for allowing me to publish the sermon on this diary and The Linnean Society for permission to take the photos and for all their kind help.

I have transcribed the sermon page by page and it runs from page 1 to page 15 so you may have to click on to Older Posts at the bottom of the webpage to finish reading.

I had been doing some work which took its inspiration from books of hours and the diaries of Gilbert White.  Whilst on a GW study day at the Linnean with Dr June Chatfield, all-round GW expert and past curator of the museum at Selborne, boxes were brought out with some of his unpublished writing.  One box contained the sermon I have transcribed here and what struck me was its warmth and humanity and a feeling of great emotion held in check.

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