4 thoughts on “Rus in Urbe

  1. Hello Creekside Hermit. I’m intrigued by your various looks at Gilbert White, especially your information from the Linnean Library. I’m a Canadian poet, working on a collection of poems about Gilbert White and will be in London in April, 2013. That slide show of the manuscript was tantalizing because I couldn’t see it up close. I hope to get to see it for myself.

    1. Hello Thanks for your message. Your poems sound intriguing. If you want to see the manuscript all you have to do is ring the Linnean Society and ask for an appointment. It’s wonderful. They are very happy to show their collection. I think there is an online catalogue so you could plan your trip to see as much as possible. You probably know that the Linnean Soc is situated in the entrance arch of Burlington House, home of The Royal Academy, Geographical Society etc. It’s worth a trip to wander around the building itself. There are some photos of the Linnean Society building on my site as well. There is also a diary of free lectures at the Linnean throughout the year. Regards Mich

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