Orkney: Kirkwall Cathedral, Monday 22nd June – St Magnus Fest


String Quartet in C minor Op. No 4

Piano Quintet in E flat major Op. 44

The Engegard Quartet

Arvid Engegard– Violin
Alex Robson – Violin
Juliet Jopling – Viola
Jan Clemens Carlsen– Cello

Christian Ihle Hadland – Piano

The Beethoven is one of his six string quartets Op. 18 dedicated to Prince Josef Franz von Lobkovitz and is in the minor key of C minor. From the programme:

It represents one of Beethoven’s earliest representations of intertwined torment and rapture.”

The Schumann Piano Quintet was dedicated to his beloved Clara.  Interestingly she was ill for its first performance and Felix Mendelssohn stepped in and sight-read it (!) for the recital.

It was a wonderful concert and I was in pieces during the Schumann.  Very, very moving.

We both thought the Engegard are a wonderful quartet and are going to look out for future concerts. We were particularly drawn to the viola player, Juliet Jopling.

Later we took the bus to St Margaret Hope via the bus which takes a long road snaking along the coast. Not a tree in sight.  Huge skies and freezing wind.  We got out at the end and despite good intentions turned tail and took the bus back again rather than be blown to smithereens.  Wrecks can be seen in the shallow water by the causeway.

The weather continued cold and wet.  We decided to try an Italian restaurant, the Lucano, we had seen earlier and trudged rather disconsolately down the grey, rain-washed streets and arrived in the middle of an Italian tantrum.  Things were not going well and the chef was venting his spleen. The language from the kitchen was ripe and plates were not exactly getting smashed but …  We decided to wait and see and were very glad we did.  Had the most wonderful meal and met the chef, Alessandro who was all smiles.  The restaurant is run by the marvellous Jenny, late of West Norwood.  Could not recommend it too highly, proper Italian food.


Address: 31 Victoria Street
Orkney KW15 1DN

Phone:  01856 875687




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