Do you remember the radiant journey?

Do you remember the radiant journey?

Orkney June 2015

 A walk from Maes Howe to Brodgar

Eight photographs taken on Friday, 26th JUne

We arrived by ferry from Aberdeen at almost midnight on the Summer Solstice.

Orkney was experiencing the worst summer in living memory. The island is bleak and almost treeless and dotted with ancient sites, windswept. Oslo is closer than London.

We walked from Maes Howe, a covered Neolithic tomb, to Brodgar, to the Neolithic stone circle.

There was a sea mist, raining and the saturated atmosphere became prismatic, with radiance all around. The wet grass glowed against the greyness of the sky.

This work seeks to evoke that radiant day as a distillation or essence rather than a more extended rambling narrative; as a haiku rather than a travelogue and using as few images as possible.

The title is taken from the libretto of Massenet’s opera, Thaïs.