A WEST CORK GARDEN DIARY: January 2019 – Trees in! I have an orchard!



I have planted the trees in a double quincunx with the plums in the centre.  The cardboard is to keep the weeds off and I will also add mulch.  Very exciting!  Though planting this orchard makes me realise that essentially I am a pessimist – will they thrive?  Perhaps I should talk to them, though that might just finish them off.

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You half expect a Hobbit to be serving behind the counter here.  In a beautiful setting in the hills near Bantry.  I bought:

2 Williams Bon Chrétien – pear

2 Doyenne de Comice – pear

1 Czar – pear

1 Victoria – pear

1 James Grieve – apple

1 Bloody Butcher – old Irish apple

1 John Downie – crab apple

1 Bird Cherry

3 Blanc Double de Coubert – rose

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A WEST CORK GARDEN DIARY: January 2019 – an orchard


This is where the orchard will be.  I thought at first there would not be enough sun on this side of the house – it faces east – and that the south-facing part of the garden would be better.  However, it is much windier on that side of the house and the earth is more boggy and it turns out that for pollination wind is bad.  The bees do not like it and the most important thing for fruit trees is good drainage.  I have been watching and the east facing site gets at least 6 hours of sun in the winter and will get more in the summer so have decided this is where the trees will go.


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