A Diary of the Plague Year: Day 6 22 March 2020: The Deptford Elegies

I have been going through some of my old work and this is fittingly elegiac.

A painting in ten canvases after a short collaboration with a poet in Deptford and reading The Duino Elegies of Rilke. It was an almost impossible task. The poems are so dense and full of imagery which is not really what I do in my paintings. I did notice, however, that the only colour mentioned is brown. This gives an immense feeling of density to the poems, they feel massive. It is curious how just the the words for colours create a feeling of lightness and transparency.


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A Diary of the Plague Year: Day 6 22 March 2020:

The sun is well and truly out! Have been flat out for an application to UCD as an artist-in-residence. I do not rate my chances at all but it has to be done.  Will try to get into the garden later.

Meanwhile, here is a pic of my new bucket. Yesterday in Clon the only two shops open were Atkins, the hardware shop (I think nothing short of nuclear war would actually cause them to close) and the really nice butcher. So bought a galvanised bucket and a lamb steak.  That should see me though.



Next to horrible old plastic bucket so you can imagine the thrill.

Listening to R3: Early Music Show.

J (neighbour from Froe) braved The Pestilence to come over for lunch bringing some kale tops.  We sat at either ends of the kitchen table a la Downton Abbey – quite hilarious really. A very cold day so had the fire blazing in the kitchen.  Lunch consisted of courgettes cooked in honey and garlic with couscous and yoghourt and some of the kale tops.