A Diary of the Plague Year: Day 7 23 March 2020

I can’t believe it is already a week since I started this diary. Over the years I have kept copious notebooks which are stacked in my studio.  I don’t think this will replace them but it is a lot easier to type and much more fun that they are public and not private.

I had to go to the Social Welfare Office in Clon today.  I had the foresight to sign on a few weeks ago and, indeed, all job offers etc., have gone up in a puff of pestilential smoke.

They have calculated that I am due €6 a week.  When I read the letter I had to stop myself from going into the foetal position and start chewing the carpet and/or tearing out my hair and screaming in frustration.  I get a minuscule monthly payment from England of £40 a month which someone had put down as a weekly payment.  This makes a huge difference of course and I had to go through the rigmarole of writing letters setting out my bank account statements – it all takes up so much time. Anyway it’s done now.

Thanks to spell-check I now know how to spell minuscule.  I had been spelling wrong all my life seemingly as miniscule.

Out into the garden – the sun is out again – it seems almost miraculous after all the rain.

Now off to Rosscarbery Post Office to collect my €6 – the excitement. I may buy some sweeties.