Diary of the Plague Year: Day 9 25 March 2020: to Work

On the radio: Cello Suite by Bach, Alisa Weilerstein R3.

Black Dyke Band playing Rusalka – Song to the Moon. Fabulous.



My painting shed. Just started a new series, The Silk Road. One finished called: The Silk Road: Persian Iris. I am really enjoying myself despite everything as it the first time I have had the time and space to simply get on with work without worrying about getting a part-time job/doing a part-time job and can just concentrate.  It makes all the difference.

The weather continues cold and dreary so have ordered more firewood from good old Conor as I especially do not want to run out at this time.  The fire is very comforting.

Have started a one-day fast God help me.

Had SingalongaLudwig in the shed to the Choral Fatasie.  I felt a bit sorry for my neighbours, the cows, who probably thought it was the dying screams of some strange wild animal.  Came in to find a Beethoven sonata just about to start on R3. Synchronicity.



Diary of the Plague Year: Day 9 25 March 2020: Deptford Market

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Taken at Deptford Market some time ago. I fear for London. It sounds as if the NHS is already on its knees and there is not enough equipment, masks, protective clothing etc. Meanwhile people who have to go to work are crammed on overcrowded trains and tubes. This is just the beginning. People are losing jobs. Freelancers, musicians, artists, have lost their incomes overnight. The banks, meanwhile, are talking about putting up overdraft rates to 39%. To top it all the Bozo’s henchman has been reported as saying losing a few pensioners would not matter. It is the poorest who will suffer the most as usual, although if more middle-class jobs start to go it may just make people start to think. If you voted for the Bozo and are now considered collateral damage you might start to think.