Diary of the Plague Year: Day 10 26 March 2020: the Warren

It is a stunning spring morning and I decided to go down to the Warren before starting work. Not a soul on the beach but I am sure that will change later. Spent the day drawing in the shed and weeding the garden. It was a perfect spring day.

I was on a one-day fast yesterday, it was torture, I was ravenous and had a splitting headache. Curious, because I used to do these all the time in London. I think it may be because I have been eating toast all day long and stuffing biscuits – basic withdrawal symptoms. Skipped breakfast. And I can safely say I have never enjoyed my lunch more – avocado on toast.

Watched Moneyball a really charming film all about baseball. Had no idea what on earth was going on but basically it is about somebody pulling themselves up by the bootstraps


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