Diary of the Plague Year: Day 14 29 March 2020: Summertime begins

The clocks went forward at midnight. Summertime begins.

I woke up to the wind howling round the house. Luckily Conor delivered my usual order of firewood last night, three bags of logs cut up small for the wood-burners. I decide to clear out the fireplaces before stacking the baskets. The lovely ash can go on the compost heap.

On the CD – randomly chosen – Bob Marley – Uprising. Shouting along at the top of my lungs. The great thing about country living is that the neighbours are far enough away.

The only problem with this lock-down is that you start to look around, speculatively.  I don’t think this house has ever been so clean and I have already thrown out half my shoes. I am sure my wardrobe is next. I wear about 5% of my clothes, the shabbier the better as far as I am concerned. I have always felt like this, ever since I was a child. I hated getting dressed up.  When I am a millionaire I will wear specially-commissioned designer rags. Comme des Garçons spring to mind.

What is really nice about the lock-down is that more people are out walking and pottering in their gardens. A bit like the olden days when you would meet your neighbours perambulating in the fine weather. I feel a Jane Austen moment coming on.

The fireplaces are now clean and ready for action. It is one of the most primal things about living here, having a stack of wood for the fire.

I am sure there will now be an unseasonal Spring heat wave ………. please God.

The armchair in the photo is one I found in a skip in Camberwell when we were living in the squat and has been with me ever since, remember Fia?


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