Diary of the Plague Year: Day 28 12 April 2020: Rain


Easter Sunday.

The desired deluge is upon us. The mown meadow will be soaking it up and I am very excited to see what comes up afterwards.

It’s funny how different this rain feels. After days of sun I can almost feel the relief of the earth and plants as they drink it up. It is a lot warmer too so I am not going around in about 15 jumpers and scurrying off to the studio because it is the only warm room in the house …

The coffee is on and so is the radio.

I will do some work today after breakfast, no excuses now and have a new drawing to start.

No poem today – have decided to have a break from Quotidian Poems on Sundays.

The news from England is not good. Many more deaths and, what is more interesting to me, is the vigilantism that seems to be emerging. People seem more than happy to report wrongdoers and confront those they deem to be breaking the rules. We were always told that Nazism could never have taken hold as the British would simply not tolerate a police state. Well, from this vantage point they seem only to happy to denounce others.

The death rate is escalating too and there is a crisis in care homes. Disastrous. Careworkers and health professionals are clearly the heroes/heroines in this mess as well as all the low-paid bus drivers, shop-workers, cleaners etc. I hope we will demand that these workers are treated with more respect from now on and that this will be reflected in their pay. Not hopeful …

In other news, the earth itself is palpably breathing a huge sigh of relief. In India the Himalayas are now visible again from parts of the Punjab for the first time in 30 years after being swathed in clouds of pollution. If nothing else, this is clear evidence of what we are doing to the planet. The photographs are stunning. How could you bear to let that go when “normal business” resumes? Maybe we will realise we can all come together as a planet to reverse the damage we have done. More hopeful …

Just come in for a tea-break. All I can hear in my painting shed is the wind, rain, birdsong and the occasional tractor.  After a slight lull the wind is getting up again but it is WARM.