Diary of the Plague Year: Day 32 16 April 2020: Wildflower seeds arrive!


Great excitement! The wildflower seeds have arrived. They are produced by DESIGN BY NATURE in Carlow, are EU Conservation standard and are an Native Irish Conservation Grade seed mix.  Germination takes three to six weeks.  I have sown them and am now going out to lightly rake over them. I had previously mowed the area to within an inch of it’s life. You are supposed to kill anything off with weedkiller first but I was never going to that. For one thing there are a lot of flowers that come up naturally I did not want to destroy.

We are due some rain in the next couple of days so that’s good.

This is the list of species which should come up (most of which I have never even heard of to be honest) and are all native to Ireland.

Birdsfoot Trefoil
Black Medick
Burnet Saxifrage
Corn Marigold
Corn Poppy
Field Cranesbill
Field Scabious
Kidney Vetch
Lady’s Bedstraw
Lesser Knapweed
Scented Mayweed
Ox-eye Daisy
Red Campion
Red Clover
Ribwort Plantain
Rough Hawksbit
St. Johnswort
White Campion
Wild Carrot
Yellow Rattle.

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