Diary of the Plague Year: Day 39 23 April 2020: Biodiversity on Long Strand

Had a chat with my neighbour, Anthony, over the wall.  I have been mowing the grass like a demon today. It turns out that he has been involved in a rewilding project with UCD. He has been grazing his horses on fields by the beach on the long strand. This is to keep down the marram grass which tends to take over. Having the horses grazing has opened up the grassland and the horse manure has created an area of much greater biodiversity.  It is interesting that changing one little thing in the landscape can make such a difference.  I said I was trying to do the same thing by keeping the grass down and encouraging wild flowers. I must say it would be much easier with a horse. It’s very frustrating as I would love to go down there to have a look at the horses grazing.

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