Diary of the Plague Year: Day 55 9 May 2020: Lawn seed

Spent today mowing the grass (again) to sow lawn seed. From now on no more heavy spring jobs. The dead brambles have all been removed from the back wall which makes an amazing difference to the view. In theory all that remains to be done is a bit of weeding.

Greatly daring, I put out the garden chairs this morning and had coffee with my neighbour, L. She has written a chick lit novel and asked if I would read it. I thought it would be good, but you never know, it could have a been a dud and there was a lot of it. The first page boded well, I really wanted to know what would happen. It’s about four friends and what happens in their marriages. In the end I read it in an afternoon – this was with breaks to work in the garden as the weather was beautiful – which really says it all. I gave it back over a couple of beers in the evening, urging her to get an agent and an editor.

Watched Phantom Thread again. Odd and quite brilliant. Visually very beautiful.

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