Diary of the Plague Year: Day 70 24 May 2020: Anchusa

After the two days of wild weather it felt very still this morning. I was up early and in the garden by eight.

I wanted to transplant the primroses, that were plotting to take over the flower garden, and I also wanted weed the gravel path.

The anchusa turns out to be a type of Bugloss. I thought it reminded me of the wild Viper’s Bugloss from the Creek from so long ago. The bees seem to like it as much. It is a much deeper blue that its wild cousin though.

R came over yesterday with some flax seed and ajuga cuttings and stayed to lunch; Ratatouille and bulgur wheat.

Afterwards went up to J’s to collect a starter for kefir.

First photo: view from the kitchen window of the calf next door: kefir; flax seeds.