Diary of the Plague Year: Day 9 25 March 2020: Deptford Market

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Taken at Deptford Market some time ago. I fear for London. It sounds as if the NHS is already on its knees and there is not enough equipment, masks, protective clothing etc. Meanwhile people who have to go to work are crammed on overcrowded trains and tubes. This is just the beginning. People are losing jobs. Freelancers, musicians, artists, have lost their incomes overnight. The banks, meanwhile, are talking about putting up overdraft rates to 39%. To top it all the Bozo’s henchman has been reported as saying losing a few pensioners would not matter. It is the poorest who will suffer the most as usual, although if more middle-class jobs start to go it may just make people start to think. If you voted for the Bozo and are now considered collateral damage you might start to think.

A Diary of the Plague Year: Day 6 22 March 2020: The Deptford Elegies

I have been going through some of my old work and this is fittingly elegiac.

A painting in ten canvases after a short collaboration with a poet in Deptford and reading The Duino Elegies of Rilke. It was an almost impossible task. The poems are so dense and full of imagery which is not really what I do in my paintings. I did notice, however, that the only colour mentioned is brown. This gives an immense feeling of density to the poems, they feel massive. It is curious how just the the words for colours create a feeling of lightness and transparency.


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