Diary of the Plague Year: Day 12 28 March 2020: A shelf of poetry


I don’t know about you but I have a terrible habit of stumbling across poems, buying the book and then ignoring it forever.  Well, now that we’re in lock-down I have decided to take down a volume of poetry every day and spend and hour reading. I will then post a poem on this website.

Diary of the Plague Year: Day 12 28 March 2020: Lockdown in Ireland

Taoisech Leo Varadkar has announced lockdown:

With effect from midnight last night, for two weeks, everyone must stay at home in all circumstances except for the following:

  • Travel to and from work, for the purposes of work only where work is an essential service.
  • Shop for food or household goods, or to collect a meal.
  • To attend medical appointments
  • For vital family reasons
  • To take brief individual physical exercise, within 2km of your own home.
  • Farming purposes, food production and care of animals.
  • All public and private gatherings, with any number of people are prohibited outside of your family unit.
  • All public transport, and passenger travel will be restricted to those providing essential services.
  • No travel outside of 2km radius of your home, for any reason except those listed above.

Diary of the Plague Year: Day 11 27 March 2020: Composting and recycling

A little early-morning composting watched by the ever-curious neighbours.  The food waste goes first followed by cardboard and then the old pile is turned over on top. I don’t think it’s the most scientific method but it works for me. A nice tidy pile of compost is a very satisfying sight and bloody good exercise first thing.

Off to the recycling centre!

Diary of the Plague Year: Day 9 25 March 2020: to Work

On the radio: Cello Suite by Bach, Alisa Weilerstein R3.

Black Dyke Band playing Rusalka – Song to the Moon. Fabulous.



My painting shed. Just started a new series, The Silk Road. One finished called: The Silk Road: Persian Iris. I am really enjoying myself despite everything as it the first time I have had the time and space to simply get on with work without worrying about getting a part-time job/doing a part-time job and can just concentrate.  It makes all the difference.

The weather continues cold and dreary so have ordered more firewood from good old Conor as I especially do not want to run out at this time.  The fire is very comforting.

Have started a one-day fast God help me.

Had SingalongaLudwig in the shed to the Choral Fatasie.  I felt a bit sorry for my neighbours, the cows, who probably thought it was the dying screams of some strange wild animal.  Came in to find a Beethoven sonata just about to start on R3. Synchronicity.