A Diary of the Plague Year: Day 8 24 March 2020: from The Black Notebook

From the notebook:

Mono no aware
Japanese – “the appreciation of the melancholy transience of the world”

Exhibition with Shelley Found Object– glimpses, residue, time passing, history, silence, enigma.

“The Soul is in the Skin”
Jacques Rivette, film  Jean Renoir, Le Patron.

“Chaos must shimmer through the veil of order”
Novalis from Alfred Brendel The Veil of Order.

“He, first of occidentals, has explored the infinite ranges of tones that lie wrapped about the central core of greys. His grays themselves pulsate with imprisoned colours. Years ago I had said of the old Chinese school of coloring, that it conceived of colour as a flower growing out of a soil of greys. But in European art I have seen this thought exemplified only in the work of Whistler.”

Ernest Fellhorn (Orientalist)