A Diary of the Plague Year: Day 3 19 March 2020: Central Heating for Bunnies

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Last year I made a “Hugelkultur” raised bed using old logs. It works on the principle of the logs rotting down and creating heat.  It was a lot of hard slog but it’s paid off though as the bunnies, who have returned to the garden, have decided it makes a super-deluxe centrally-heated warren.


I thought the bunnies deserved a snack for sheer cleverness.

Incidentally, if you have stumbled across this diary hoping for high-minded thought and clever political comment on the “present crisis” click off now. This diary will be the random and, I expect progressively more loony, ramblings of a “self-isolating” painter and written for myself and anyone who happens to come across it.


Books Online: SOLSTICE A Creekside Book of Hours

Deptford Creek photographed throughout the year.

Two photographs were taken each week
from the banks of the creek from January to December 2010.

Inspired by medieval books of hours and naturalist Gilbert White’s Garden Kalendar.