Diary of the Plague Year: Day 8 24 March 2020: more from The Black Notebook; Gaston Bachelard

“And all the spaces of our past moments of solitude, the spaces in which we have suffered from solitude, enjoyed, desired and compromised solitude, remain indelible within us, and precisely because the human being wants them to remain so. He knows instinctively that this space identified with his solitude is creative; that even when it is expunged from the present, when henceforth, it is alien to all the promises of the future even when we no longer have a garret, when the attic room is lost and gone, there remains the fact that we once loved a garret, once lived in an attic. We return to them in our night dreams. These retreats have the value of a shell. And when we reach the very ends of the labyrinths of sleep, when we attain the regions of deep slumber, we may perhaps experience a type of repose that is pre-human, pre-human in this case, approaching the immemorial. But in the daydream itself, the recollection of moments of confined, simple, shut-in space are experiences of heartwarming space, of a space that does not seek to become extended but would like above all still to be possessed. In the past, the attic may have seemed cold in winter and hot in summer. Now, however in memory recaptured through daydreams, is is hard to say through what syncretism the attic is at once small and large, warm and cool, always comforting.”

from The Poetics of Space
Gaston Bachelard