Creekside, Tuesday 1 June 20

The Glorious First of June.

Arrived in a drizzle of rain which steadily grew into a shower.  The Creek is rather beautiful in the rain, the plants are drenched and the green is intensified.  There was a lot of birdsong and so many flowers.  Snails were doing their slow thing, clustered together on stalks.  Perhaps they were mating?

The date made me realise that the summer solstice is nearly here and then the earth starts turning away from the sun again towards winter.  It seems as if we have hardly emerged from last winter.  I have been coming to Creekside for almost half a year. Doing something like this really does make you think about time passing and the nature of time itself.  How mysterious it is.  I have been reading up about medieval books of hours.  Time was measured in a very different way then, very much attuned to the seasons.  I think it must have moved more slowly too or perhaps we are now moving more rapidly through time.

On arrival at the Creek I was in a terrible state, winding myself up about all that is inconsequential as usual.  I managed to work myself into an even more gloomy frame of mind thinking about winter waiting around the corner again etc. etc.  However, I realised as I was walking away that being at Creekside and just pottering around in the rain had completely lifted my black mood.