Diary of the Plague Year: Day 63 17 May 2020: Rain?

Breakfast today was the delicious porridge bread from Pilgrims. The bread is so tasty I have it with just butter. Brown bread and butter and a cup of coffee – one of my favourite breakfasts.

Then it was out to the garden. Most of the really big jobs have now been done – the mowing and clearing.

I spent most of last week digging up the bluebells – ‘lifting in the green” to move them to the Dingly Dell. They are in actual fact, thugs. They have taken over all the flower beds and I decided enough was enough. They are beautiful though so I am hoping they will like their new home under the tree. I also planted my elderflower cuttings and the sea holly.

We could really do with a downpour and it looks hopeful. Cool and cloudy so, maybe, rain today.

Later today a Skype with D and the gals in Sussex.

Diary of the Plague Year: Day 62 16 May 2020: Dinner Tonight

Dinner tonight was from Pilgrim’s in Rosscarbery. Fried won ton, followed by sushi, then elderflower tart. Yum. Thought I deserved it after all my hard work in the garden these past few weeks. I have had several delicious meals at Pilgrim’s in the past and they are now doing takeaways and provisions. See below for link:


Diary of the Plague Year: Day 58 12 May 2020: A Walk to the Post Office

I had a letter to post so decided to walk to Rosscarbery and back as it was such a stunning day.

One of the things I do miss about my life in London is the walks with friends. Usually organised by M we have had walks on the Pilgrim’s Way to Canterbury, walks in Hampshire, around Chichester Harbour, from Hastings to Winchelsea, all around Shoreham in Kent, around Canvey Island and many others. Usually we would stop for a really good pub lunch.

Any kind of social occasion is beginning to feel so remote, like something from a past life.

Diary of the Plague Year: Day 57 11 May 2020: Wildflowers on my Walk

I finally issued forth on a walk today. I am not exactly a keep-fit fanatic and my vow of walking every day has flown out of the window. Since my previous walk the wildflowers are in lush profusion. The scent from the rose was heady. Walking along the verges was soft and mossy underfoot.

Diary of the Plague Year: Day 56 10 May 2020: Mowing again

I feel the garden sometimes tells me what to do – whatever I decide to do, it means doing a lot with very little. It means using my imagination as I simply cannot afford to go mad buying plants. The tension between order and anarchy is something that I love and is something that occurs in my work as well as in the garden. I love the contrast between a sharply mown line and blowsy wildflowers. It feels like doing earth art, drawing in the grass. I have mown a semicircle with a wildflower bed surrounded by a path. I may plant a tree there or one of the white hydrangea cuttings I am growing in pots. I also put cardboard – to stop grass growing around the roots – around the trees and shrubs by the wall. Planning another cherry tree in the corner. And another tree by the boiler-shed.

Lots of little wildflowers are appearing as well as much more clover than last year.

Unbelievably, I need more lawn seed.

Diary of the Plague Year: Day 54 8 May 2020: The Hedge Trimmers are in Action

Before and after the hedge trimmers did their worst

The hedge trimmers are now my favourite toy. The brambles had all been treated about two years ago with some kind of weedkiller and all the dead branches looked pretty hideous. I bought the hedge trimmers specially for this as I had tried to use secateurs which were just useless and the only result was that I got completely lacerated. I have found some lovely ferns growing, foxgloves and two lovely wild roses. I am hoping that all the wild flowers, brambles and ferns will be rejuvenated. The view from my kitchen window is also much clearer.

R came over with some lysimachia nummularia aurens known to us peasants as Golden Creeping Jenny. Yay! Thrilled and have just planted and watered them in my large urn.

Although it is only 5.30 I am stopping as I got eaten alive at about this time by about a thousand tiny insects. My head was a mass of lumps last night from the bites. Most alluring.